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Affordable Internet at Home for Eligible Households

Become a partner to open up the digital world of your clients


As an employee of a social organisation, you know that an internet connection is not a matter of course for everyone. But now there is a different, affordable way.


Telenet Essential Internet wants to close the digital divide , increase opportunities and  connect eligible people who would otherwise find this hard to do. Your organisation knows who is eligible for  these services, so we appeal to you to become a Telenet Essential Internet partner to offer eligible people internet access at a fixed price of 5 or 10 euros a month. We will support you with information, video tutorials and other communication materials. That way we can get everyone on board.

What is Telenet Essential Internet?

Ken jij cliënten (alt: alleenstaanden of gezinnen) voor wie toegang tot internet het verschil kan maken? Informeer hen over Telenet Essential Internet, geef hen een persoonlijke code en help hen eventueel met hun aanvraag.

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